Nevada County is situated in Northern CA and ranges from near sea level in the great Sacramento Valley, to over 9,000 feet. With numerous rivers, lakes, mountains and meadows it is a natural attraction for snow skiers, water skiers, fisher folk, kayakers, house boaters, sail boaters, Hikers, Mountain Bikers, road bikers, and everybody who enjoys the great outdoors, whatever the season

Those who enjoy civilization will find a unique variety. The history and culture of Nevada County are intriguing, the beauty entrancing.

Nevada City, Grass Valley, Truckee, and the other small towns that dot the foothills of the Sierra Nevada were mostly settled during the gold rush of 1849. The Overland Immigrant Trail, often referred to as the Donner Trail, passes through Nevada County. The creeks and rivers were panned for gold, and eventually whole mountainsides were washed away by hydraulic cannons in search of the precious ore. Hard rock mining continued until World War II in the hundreds of miles of tunnels that extend more than four thousand feet below ground level. The Empire Mine and Malakoff Diggins are now state parks, and numerous other museums throughout the area recount the tales of that age.

Though mining brought people to the area in the late 1800's, it is the more settled bankers, doctors, and merchants that came later that gave us the stunning Victorian architecture that attracts tourist today. Nevada City and Grass Valley transformed from tent cities to California's most refined metropolitan communities, attracting the likes of Mark Twain, Lola Montez and Lotta Crabtree, even four U.S. Presidents including President-to-be Herbert Hoover (then a mining engineer).

You can stay in an historic hotel such as the National or Holbrooke, or in an authentic Victorian Bed & Breakfast, such as the Emma Nevada House.

An area of such scenic beauty naturally attracts those of artistic temperment, so the shops that line Nevada City's Broad Street, Grass Valley's Mill Street and Truckee's Commercial Row are full of artist's and craftspeople's finest. If you've enjoyed Ashland, Oregon, or Mendocino, Carmel, and Cambria on the California coast, you will delight in Nevada City.

Nevada County is host to numerous thriving small businesses and large corporations, many of which ship their products worldwide. Some of the world's most talented people are drawn to Nevada County because of it's natural beauty, relaxed lifestyle, inexpensive and spectacular real estate, and highly educated and creative community of residents.

Only an hour from California's capital, Sacramento, and three hours from San Francisco, neighboring Lake Tahoe, Reno and Carson City, Nevada County is easily accessible. Skiers can stay in Truckee and be minutes away from the slopes, or in Nevada City or Grass Valley, below the snowline, and still be less than an hour away. Fly into Reno or Sacramento's airports, and it is just a short, beautiful drive to Nevada County.

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